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VIRTU () is a good word to play in Scrabble as a outcome of you possibly can add an E or AL or OUS to it. I assume one of my Lexulous opponents played SKEG, a . This prehistoric was much smaller than at present’s equines and lived within the Eocene epoch. Roll-your-own word PETTER is clued as an .

If the conventions are radically modified, legibility is lost. Computers are far more flexible than humans in a method – they can handle 1000’s of legibility’s, for example, just so long as they know the code. Those who work carefully with computers achieve something of the identical flexibility, and turn out to be insensitive to the normal necessities, while the vast majority of language researchers require text to be introduced to them in legible type. If the French word thé is offered as “thé”, that is someplace between a distraction and a nuisance, and if it happens each few phrases the textual content turns into illegible. Basic ideas of specialised lexicography Lexicography is the self-discipline concerned with the principles and strategies of writing dictionaries.

Solution is A followed by SIAM (i.e. “former country”), then IN (i.e. “popular”), then O (a recognised abbreviation of “old”) and R (ditto Rex, i.e. “king”). When written as DI’S POSITION, the answer additionally satisfies “girl’s status”. (i.e. “nothing could presumably be extra awful”). Clue plays on how “reconnoitring” one thing is to CASE it, and the way a “plot” can be a SCENARIO. Within the context of the clue, if “nothing could possibly be extra awful” when reconnoitring a plot, it could presumably be described as a WORST-CASE SCENARIO. Clunky, however you get the thought.

Nothing particularly notable about postprodding this one, apart from the truth that I spent some amount of effort making it look pretty, so please appreciate it and provides me validation for my efforts. Note that the background is the authors’, and truly the layout can additionally be the authors’, so really all I did was flip it to HTML. This was the first puzzle I tested the copy to clipboard button on.

The majority of colleges will get the complete faculty population outdoors on to a play. When you come across expressions that are not in your dictionary then write them down or key them on to your computer in a format that you simply assume could be useful if you have been using them to compile your own dictionary or glossary. Dictionary might be eradicated and the achievement of completeness will turn into extra realistic than ever. Dictionaries will develop into familiar instruments that will be both very related to, and very totally different from their predecessors. Hopefully this chapter has pointed within the direction of future developments.

We also thought of very current work on mechanically producing definitions, and discussed how, in the future, these varied applied sciences might potentially be put together to create dictionaries totally routinely. From the eighteenth century onwards – and certainly earlier – lexicography has been accretive, especially insofar as definition writing is concerned. This methodology is as flawed as reliance on a studying programme. Eventually, all the major American dictionary publishers supplied college and college dictionaries and thesauri. Such dictionaries introduced young people to dictionary brands but also – aside from the American College Dictionary – capitalised on each signature dictionary, making the most of the analysis and writing that had gone into it.

When heard as NUDE EEL the answer additionally satisfies “swimmer without trunks”. Solution is L and E (i.e. “ceilings in labour exchange”, i.e. the primary letters of “labour” and “exchange”) adopted by APT (i.e. “fitting”). (i.e. “expressible in words”; “once” refers to how this is an archaic word). Solution is E (i.e. “ultimately expressive”, i.e. the last letter of “impressive”) adopted by F (a recognised abbreviation of “fine”, utilized in pencil grading) and FABLE (i.e. “story”). Solution is RANGE (i.e. “row”) with the last letter eliminated (indicated by “cutting…short”). When written as A PING the solution also satisfies “a sort of sound”.

Lists of extra examples from the corpus are given, although these wouldn’t have audio pronunciations. Finally, where relevant, entries are included from the Longman Business Dictionary – for example, make investments and startup. DARE’s chief editor, Frederic G. Cassidy, claimed that DARE adopted the OED’s example, too, but the claim was true only to some extent. Cassidy had labored on the Middle English Dictionary and Early Modern English Dictionary tasks – the latter was barely begun and by no means finished – each conceived originally as interval dietary supplements to the OED.

Necessity is the mom of invention. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. One for sorrow, two for joy; three for a girl, four for a boy; five for silver, six for gold; seven for a secret, to not be advised; eight for heaven, 9 for hell; and ten for the devil’s personal sel.

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