Among Us Crossplay For PS4, PC, Xbox And Mobile Explained

“Among Us” can be an amazingly fun game, and if you’re playing with friends, the Switch version still holds some of that magic. I can imagine that if you spend a decent chunk of time playing it, you’ll eventually get used to the Switch port’s quirks. And since “Among Us” is a crossplay game — meaning that you can play with friends who have the PC or smartphone version of the game — this puts you at an immediate disadvantage. Not being able to type, accuse, or defend yourself as fast as others will mean that you’re always going to be drowned out in a conversation.

With record-breaking sales at the launch, excellent exclusives, and a huge library of amazing indies, the switch became very juggling. However, online multiplayer did not come as well as the PlayStation and Xbox. Such frenzied popularity gave rise to other products related to – cards, chips, fan items, and posters. Games with the prettiest characters could not but be successful, and the Pokemon Trading Card Game confirmed that.

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  • Although the game was initially released in 2018, it didn’t pick up in popularity until 2020 when everyone started streaming themselves playing on Twitch.
  • In 1991, the brand gained its technological independence by manufacturing its own engines and transmissions while continuing to advance its car designs.
  • In the middle of July, with the summer already halfway in the books, Among Us picked up steam out of nowhere, becoming the sensation of the summer with ease.
  • Players first need to make sure that they have the latest update of the game.

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Now, it’s probably only a matter of weeks before Among Us’ console versions release. While a Nintendo Switch version of Among Us was later released, PlayStation and Xbox versions are still nowhere to be found. Maximum Games, Innersloth, and Dual Wield Studio have set a release date for the physical versions of Among Us as we now know when the Crewmate Edition, Imposter Edition, and Ejected Edition will be arriving. The community is equally excited about the fact that there are so many links between Among Us and the Henry Stickmin game.

In other words, be sure to choose the platform where you have the most progress in Rocket Pass, and your highest Competitive Rank. Credit and Esports Token balances will stay tied to each platform as they cannot be transferred to a new platform. Once your Primary Platform is selected, you will be able to play with your Competitive Rank, and Rocket Pass progress, and XP Level on all other connected platforms. Eventually, hardware manufacturers started offering their own application software and designed the applications to Among Us sell hardware.

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