USB 3.1 case designed for M2 SSD drives

Internals: A SSD from WD through the case does not work.
Very good. Conclusion: But in this case, my case has so far remained unused. At first I was upset, I thought the case was defective.
The second way seemed more interesting to me.
In my case, the longest option. Case taken:
As you can see, the speed for a flash drive is very decent .
The case is designed to install SSDs of different lengths. The case itself is a small aluminum, slightly rough bar. And the M2 slot is only in one of my laptops.
Dimensions from the seller’s page: After markup, I try the case. The metal case obviously will not suffer when carried or dropped. This case is useful for those who decide to increase the amount of memory in their laptop by installing a more capacious and possibly faster M2 SSD drive. I think that if by Black Friday the price tag for the case also drops, then it’s quite a good option to buy.
HD Tune
Cools. It could be profitable.
The indicator on the case lights up: And everything works right away. Since the HP EX900, M.2, 256GB SSD will be installed in my laptop. I understand that the board is not compatible with the WD Green 2280 (who knows, please explain why?) In general, the case is quite suitable. I just decided to make a reserve for the future, because anyway this interface will be more common in the future than the USB we are used to. By the way, the case is very similar in appearance to the Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set: It turns out a high-speed flash drive. I mark up, I create a section:

But for some reason the system does not want to see the disk. I unscrew the cover from any end:

Just a second cap: A new drive in a laptop, and an old drive just in this case.

USB 3.1 case designed for M2 SSD drives

The entire volume of the disk is immediately visible. Miniature hard drive. But I understand that not every SSD will work in this case. But then, for the sake of interest, I decided to install an HP EX900 SSD: I am writing the review at the request of the review on the previous SSD, where I mentioned that I have such a case. To begin with, the speed of the drive itself, connected directly to the motherboard: SSD-Z: Therefore, I put the screw with the stand on the outermost hole: Therefore, I had two options, either sell one SSD at a flea market, or take a case for this SSD and make a high-speed flash drive. AS SSD Benchmark:
There is nothing on the other end. On 11.11, by the way, the price tag was at the level of 20 dollars.
On Ali there are options 3 times cheaper. It is quite pleasant in the hands. A kind of semi-secure version of the hard drive.
All happiness and good working The same AOMEI partition sees the case itself, but does not show that there is any volume. Can be used as a large high-speed flash drive.

The case comes to the buyer in a cardboard box: Looks strict. With not the most of course the largest volume, and not very compact, but still.
< br /> The case is quite easy to disassemble.
I take the WD Green 2280 SSD, glue the thermal pad, install it in the case: A little embarrassing. In fact, it is not necessary to buy this particular case. But it will be clear that the read / write speed in this case will rest solely on the bandwidth of the controller and not the disk.
On one end there is a USB Type-C port and a hole under which there is an LED. But it’s clear that such speeds are not available via USB 3.0.
Properties of the case from the seller’s page: Speed ​​Tests: This is a cap that is held on by two screws: The package consists of the case itself, a USB cable to Type-C, a Type-C to Type-C cable, a screwdriver, screws, a piece of thermal rubber: It so happened that I first bought a WD Green 2280 240GB SSD in M.2 format, and then I bought an HP EX900, M.2, 256GB SSD on JD (review coming soon).
In this case, the price is for the USB 3.1 and Type-C interface. This is the whole review. I assemble it, connect it to the laptop via USB 3.0 interface:

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